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If your zip code is not found, try searching for your city and state. The uv index in the mediterranean in highsummer reaches 9 or 10. Uv radiation levels vary substantially with time and place. Bolivias licancabur volcano, the site of the highest uv index ever recorded. Take precautions, such as covering up during midday hours, wearing a hat. The uv index forecast is issued in four types of format. The uv index scale used in the united states conforms with international guidelines for uvi reporting established by the world health organization exit learn how to read the uv index scale to help you avoid harmful exposure to uv radiation. Home stratosphere home stratosphere uv index uv index. Our hourly uv forecast calculations begin by using the predicted ozone layer thickness over a particular location as provided by royal. Detailed uv forecast charts, with todays uv radiation in realtime. How to use the uv index to protect yourself from the suns. The national weather service calculates the uv index forecast for most zip codes. The area is known to have a high heat and uv index with oppressive.

The table below illustrates the changes in uv radiation levels with season and latitude. It goes down in the fall and is the lowest in the winter. The uv index ranks the amount of uv radiation on an 11point scale. A uv index reading of 8 to 10 means very high risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure.

Maximal uv index values are given for a range of cities in different countries. The uv index tells you how quickly your skin will burn without protection from the sun. Seeking shaded areas and generously applying sunscreen are some of the best ways to protect your skin from uv rays. The uv index is a standardised measure used to express uv radiation intensity. Uv radiation in peru reaches extreme level in february. The uv index plots are based on groundbased measurements by brewer spectrophotometers carried out by the science and technology branch. Uv index ultraviolet radiation uv is a component of sunlight. Each time series runs from january 1 through december 31. It is equal to 40 times the erythemally effective power of the sun in wm2. Anyway, the andean plateau is an excellent region to look for populated areas with very high uv.

But exposure to the suns harmful uv rays remains the biggest risk factor by far. Utah, vermont and delaware have the highest rates of uv. The ultraviolet index or uv index is an international standard measurement of the strength of sunburnproducing ultraviolet uv radiation at a particular place and time. The uv alert is extreme for the tamap bay area aug. In reporting the uvi, most emphasis is placed on the maximum uv level on a given day. Wear a widebrimmed hat and sunglasses, use sunscreen of at least spf30, and wear a longsleeved shirt and pants if practical.

You can safely stay outside using minimal sun protection. The noaaepa uv index is made available via a text bulletin for 58 cities throughout the continental united states, hawaii, alaska and puerto rico. Estimates of uv index for clear sky nosnow conditions and normal pre1980 total ozone values are shown. Typical uv index values for a range of cities worldwide are specified for the 21st of each month based on model calculations using a radiation transfer program. For a list of most elevated settlements by country, see list of highest towns by country this is an incomplete list of the highest settlements in the world. Solar and artificial uv sources, uv wavelengths, uv index and health. Australia experiences some of the highest levels of uv radiation in the. The worst states for your skin the weather channel. The actual measurements are indicated by the cyan dots. Information on ultraviolet uv radiation is essential for our lives under the australian sun. Throughout the altiplano region of peru, bolivia, chile. Our uv index forecast is produced all year round for 417 world cities, mainly across europe. Uv index scale staying safe in the sun the old farmers. Uv sun strength in new zealand new zealand lonely planet.

Indices of 9 and 10 are common in the mediterranean area. With the hottest months of the year before us, wallethubs analysts. At least one city in each state has a uv index forecast. Use the table of cities below to view a citys uv index time series for a particular year. The global solar uv index is a scale that was developed by the world health organisation which measures the uv radiation level at the surface of the earth, and gives an indication of the potential for skin damage. Everyday the national weather service predicts the next day uv index forecast, this index can help you make choices to protect yourself from potentially harmful sun rays. The increased risk of uv damage to the skin and eye during a holiday in a sunny location is often underestimated. The world health organization who uses the following scale. The index was originally created by canadian scientists in the early 1990s and has since.

The highest possible uv index at sealevel is about 20. Take precautions, such as covering up during midday hours, wearing a hat and sunglasses and. What countries have the largest amount of uv radiation and. The uv index is a linear scale, with higher values representing a greater risk of sunburn which is correlated with other health risks due to uv exposure. Research by the national weather service has found the top 3 cities for highest uv radiation are san juan, miami, and new orleans. The tables below show the monthly mean and peak uv index levels at solar noon, in five areas of new zealand. Check your regions uv index here daily, and take the proper precautions to protect yourself when youre outdoors. Behind the numbers to find out which countries had some of the biggest health problems due to the suns uv radiation, we used a 2006 world health. The uv index at solar noon is generally in the range 012 and values above 11 are considered extreme. Our data set ranges from melanoma incidence rate per 100,000 residents to ultraviolet index to cost of a noninvasive dermatological procedure. The graphs and text uv index forecasts include the sunsmart uv alert.

Uv radiation is strongest at the equator and goes down as you move towards the north or south poles. Any reading higher than 10 is extreme in terms of skindamage. Maximal uv index values are given for a range of cities in different countries, calculated for the 21st of each month. Australian capital city average daily maximum uv levels by. Text forecast an easy to text listing of the daily uv forecast values for 58 cities across the u. The uv index measures the amount of damaging ultraviolet solar radiation expected to reach the earths surface when the sun is highest in the sky, generally between the midday hours of 10 a. The ultraviolet uv index is a scale that represents the intensity of uv radiation produced by the sun. Feb 17, 2020 states with highest rates of uv linked melanoma ultraviolet radiation exposure was connected to more than 90% of new melanoma cases in the u. The layer has been thinning due to the presence of some chemicals coming only from humans i believe you can get current uv indexes info from the national weather service noaa. The strength of the suns ultraviolet uv radiation is expressed as a solar uv index or sun index. Because air at higher altitudes is thinner, uv radiation goes up as you go up in altitude. The highest uv index ever recorded on earth was 43. The uv index is issued daily to advise you on the strength of the suns uv rays in your region. This occurs during the fourhour period around solar noon.

As senamhi expects that the uv index in february in peru will be between 14 and 20, levels described as extremely high and dangerous, it is highly recommended to protect yourself with sun block all the time, even on cloudy days, wear sunglasses, cover exposed skin and best avoid outdoor activities and sun exposure between 10. The suns burning strength is measured by the uv index. Small amounts of uv exposure can be beneficial as it is essential in the production of vitamin d, however over exposure of uv can lead to serious health issues. The uv index scale is a scale from 0 to 15, with 0 being the lowest risk and 15 being the highest risk. The levels of uv radiation and therefore the values of the index vary throughout the day. A plain text version is also available on the bureaus ftp site.

Jun 30, 2008 5 weather conditions clouds partially block uv rays 6 thickness of the ozone layer ozone blocks uv rays. Where in this country has the lowest uv index and which. The uv index measures the amount of damaging ultraviolet solar radiation expected to reach the earths surface when the sun is highest in the sky, generally between the. Graphs of the uv index forecast and clear sky uv index forecast over the course of a year are available. Feb 23, 2014 for instance, what about the uv index at the top of mt everest or the equatorial mt chimborazo. Uv index met eireann the irish meteorological service. Genetics, age and skin and hair tone can all up your risk for developing melanoma. National weather service cities forecast bulletin a plain text listing of forecasted uv index values for 58 u. It is presented as a map of australia as well as graphs and text tables for over 200 cities and towns. Check out the uv index and the uv forecast for your area below. In australia, peak daily values in summer are regularly in excess of 1214, and can reach. Uv levels and sun protection times are included in your local bureau weather forecast, the bom weather app, and via maps and tables in meteye. In new zealand, uv levels are highest during summer, but are also relatively high in spring and autumn.

Australian capital city average daily maximum uv levels by month. May 19, 2016 with the hottest months of the year before us, wallethubs analysts compared the 150 largest u. The sun index forecast refers to the daily maximum. Download the free uv index smartphone app stay up to date with our uv index applications. The uv index does not exceed 8 in the uk 8 is rare. Only settlements that are permanently occupied all year long with a significant population and lying at least partially above an elevation of 3700 meters 12,140 feet are included. We have one of the highest levels of uv exposure and highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Depending on geographical location and whether daylight saving time is applied, solar noon takes place between. A summers day is only really complete when the sun makes an appearance and cheers us up. The scale was developed by canadian scientists in 1992, and then adopted and standardized by the uns world health organization and world meteorological organization in 1994.

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