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It stretches from koblenz just past rudesheim on the east bank and ends in bingen on the west bank. Find the perfect rhine valley germany autumn stock photo. Middle rhine valley world heritage site discover germany. Spend a day exploring romantic heidelberg and the upper middle rhine valley on this delightful combination of a city tour and river cruise. A noteworthy area to visit in germany revolves around two rivers, the rhine and the mosel. Particular valleys of the rhine or any of its sections. While the sites were beautiful, the castles of the rhine valley, only consist of onehalf day out of the seven day itinerary. Rhine by ferry is a mustdo for any castle lover exploring. Watch germanys romantic rhine and rothenburg, an episode of the rick steves europe tv show. Southern germany central strip to form the rhine rift valley, which extends 185 miles 300 km in length. Churer rheintal, or sometimes bundner rheintal between reichenau and sargans, east switzerland. Its been several years since i last visited the rhine valley but if you have a spare 10 days go and give it a go. Trier in the mosel valley has more roman structures than any other city north of the alps. In the th century, when the german monarchy declined and the governing rights reverted to local dukes or bishops, the.

Leaving germany, the rhine turns west and enters the netherlands, where, together with the rivers meuse and scheldt, it forms one of the largest river deltas in western europe. Transfer of other services from the depot resulted in its redesignation as an ordnance depot on 1 september 1951. Citeseerx document details isaac councill, lee giles, pradeep teregowda. Named after the rhine river, this region between koblenz and frankfurt roughly is home to germanys most dramatic landscape. Their blending valley regions create a mystical experience long remembered by visitors. Rhine cruise from mainz to koblenz toured many castles along the rhine river. Travel with rick on this video guide to germany and find out what to do on your next trip. See more ideas about castle, germany castles and germany. Western germany was part of the roman empire, which just beyond the rhine. Castles, cathedrals, woods and vineyards, hiking trails and a romantic river bed all contribute to the scenery, which inspired numerous poets and painters. This part of the valley has particularly favourable geological conditions for geothermal heat development. In the valley of the rhine 1953 12 out of 4 cologne, germany is the stop in this entry of james a. The rhine river valley is showcased, focusing on sights in the valley.

Magnificent rhine valley with romantic medieval castles. Geothermal power generation in the upper rhine valley. Middle rhine valley map rhinelandpalatinate, germany. An understanding of who the palatines were must begin with where they came from and why they left. Rhine george is a popular name for the upper middle valley, 65 km section of the rhine between koblenz and bingen in germany. Admire some of germanys most charming sights, from the medieval castles in one of the countrys most beautiful cities to a ride on a classic steamer. Middle rhine valley the rhine valley or middle rhine is the most famous section of the rhine, running between the cities of bingen and bonn in germany and spanning the states of north rhine westphalia, rhinelandpalatinate and hesse.

This german locations is on the unesco list of world heritage locations since 2002. The middle rhine valley between bingen and koblenz is famous for its picturesque castles and ruins, and its been a unesco world heritage. Town of bacharach, germany overlooking the rhine river. The rhine valley railway is now one of the most important lines of germany both for passenger and goods traffic, including international traffic to and from switzerland and france. Episode 2 offers a fun but forgettable filler mission. The rhine is the great river of western europe, 820 miles long from its source in the swiss alps to its mouth at rotterdam in holland where it empties into the north sea.

Middle rhine valley the rhine valley or middle rhine is the most famous section of the rhine, running between the cities of bingen and bonn in germany and spanning the states of north rhinewestphalia, rhinelandpalatinate and hesse. An investigation by the hochschule kehl a school of public administration estimated the traffic to be up to 286 trains a day. Travelling by train in germany is an absolute pleasure. Rheintal is the valley, or any section of it, of the river rhine in europe. As a commercial highway it is vital, the most important river highway in europe. Brilliant sunshine promised a perfect day of sailing through the middle rhine valley, a fairy tale landscape of glittering green hillsides, where nearvertical vineyards tumbled down toward the emerald river. Set in beautiful surroundings, it is easy to get to and there are several airports within easy distance, including stuttgart, strasbourg, basel and frankfurt. Rhine valley rhinelandpalatinate 2020 all you need to.

Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. It was added to the unesco list of world heritage sites in june 2002 for a unique combination of geological, historical, cultural and industrial reasons. The series hit germany several times throughout the years but this one here takes a stronger look at cologne. The black forest reaches its greatest elevation at mount feld feldberg. The rhine is at its widest as it enters the netherlands, but then splits into three main distributaries and countless minor ones. Whether looking for a city trip, hiking adventure, culturepacked vacation, or camping getaway, the upper rhine valley has something to make every vacationers dream come true. The distance between rhine valley to munich is 442 km by road. Only three castles remain relatively intact in the upper valley and most travelers visit one of these, making them the most famous castles in germany along the rhine river.

Visit rhine valley on your trip to rhinelandpalatinate or. As well, the world heritage site hosts shape regional cuisine and hospitality with the same care as local vintners cultivate and nurture their vineyards. When it comes to the world of wine germany has been in the wine game since the romans planted wine and offers some of the worlds most elegant and aromatic wine varieties, most notably for the noble riesling. Information about upper middle rhine valley in germany. Three couples took a 7day cruise on the amadeus princess up the rhine river from amsterdam to basel, each celebrating 40 years of marriage. The middle rhine valley ranks among the most impressive and valuable regions of germany in terms of its culture and history. Driving down from rhinebach we toured through the rhine gorge stopping at the many restaurants, wine shops and hotels on the wat to koblenz. Visiting the rhine valley with kids travel savvy mom.

This 433foothigh cliff looms over a sharp bend in the rhine. In the valley of the rhine 1953 plot keywords imdb. The rhine valley or middle rhine german mittelrhein is the most famous section of the rhine, running between the cities of bonn and bingen near mainz in germany and spanning the states of north rhinewestphalia, rhinelandpalatinate and hesse. Explore romantic rhine valley holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Its the origin of many ancient myths including legendary siren of the same name, and the nibelung hoard. Wonderful trip driving from koblenz to mainz on one side of the rhine river germany and back up the other side. Rhine ordnance depot was activated 30 april 1948 as rhine general depot. Apart from the trip distance, refer directions from rhine valley to munich for road driving directions.

Cruise the most castlestudded stretch of the romantic rhine as you listen for the song of the treacherous loreley. Map of the german rhine river valley rhine river cruise. Romantic rhine valley travel germany lonely planet. One section the upper middle rhine valley, also known as the rhine gorge or the romantic rhine was designated a unesco world heritage site in 2002. The rhineland palatinate is located along the middle rhine river in germany. Discover the diverse flavors of the rhine valley on this 30minute boppard icewine tour. Plaque, probably from a reliquary shrine cleveland. Our stud and riding center is located in southern germany. Another composer associated with the rhine is richard wagner who based many of his compositions on lores of the. There are lots and lots of castles, ruined and otherwisein medieval times, about 300 little countries made up what is now germany, and they each needed a castle. Cologne deutsche bahn eurostar germany koblenz river mosel river rhine rudesheim january 23, 2012.

Cities along the rhine include cologne, where the magnificent cathedral of cologne stands, a structure missed by the bombs of the wars. While germany is huge and has so many places im dying to visit, we opted to start with the rhine valley. Rhine valley due to its stunning beauty, the rhine is an immensely popular holiday destination. Travel highlights and activities in the romantic rhine valley. Marksburg castle is the last original castle on the rhineland and the interiors are viewable via guided german tour. So i decided to go on a whistle stop tour of the rhine area via the excellent train network, stopping off in some charming towns and seeing some superb scenery en route from the comfort of my train seat. It is located about half way between mannheim, germany, and metz, france, in the central plateau of the rhinepfalz province of germany in the french zone. This enamel plaque has been linked to the original decoration of the shrine of the three kings in cologne cathedral, attributed to nicholas of verdun, one of the most important goldsmiths of the late. I threw open the drapes of my stateroom and gasped. Hotrock gmbh plans the construction of a geothermal power plant with an electrical performance of 4. The valley lies within the limits of the towns of erkrath and. There are dozens of spectacularly imposing structures positioned along the middle rhine, including the shiplike pfalzgrafenstein castle on an island and the burg katz and burg maus cat and mouse castles. Idyllic landscapes interspersed with shining lakes, majestic mountains, and green forests invite travelers to enjoy relaxing hikes and romantic canoe.

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